What Online Dealers Don't Want You to Know

Most, if not all, the major SCUBA manufactures require dealers to agree to a "Minimum Advertised Price Policy" if they sell online. They cannot advertise nor sell SCUBA equipment for less than the amount dictated by the manufacture. So whether it's Amazon or any other online retailer, the price will be the same; FULL RETAIL. That is why it is so important to get a quote from Sea Level Diving before you purchase any SCUBA equipment. We have the latitude to add "value added services" to the purchase. We assemble and test the gear free, include pool time, give you 20% off annual service for continued savings and more.

I personally guarantee you cannot do better, when you compare apples to apples, purchasing your SCUBA equipment online. 

Note: IF, and that's a big if, you find the same equipment for less, the seller is not an authorized dealer. They may have acquired the equipment through a third party (gray market). It may not be assembled properly or at all, not tested properly, it could be used or reconditioned with aftermarket parts. Who knows what could be wrong with it. That's why most manufactures will not warranty equipment purchases from an unauthorized reseller. There are all sorts of reasons not to purchase  from an unauthorized resellers, remember this is life support equipment, if it malfunctions you could die.

Purchasing SCUBA equipment is a life-time investment, take the time to get a no obligation quote from Sea Level Diving, you'll be happy you did!