Three Oaks Recreation Area Open For Scuba Diving

Three Oaks Recreation Area

The scuba area of Three Oaks Recreation Area (TORA) is now open to certified divers. You can access the diving area, located east of the Marina, by shore or from the floating dock. The diving area has 3 training platforms 100' apart at a depth of 25' and the maximum depth of the dive area is 45'.

TORA Diving Area

To use the diving area:

  • Divers must check in at the Marina.
  • Show a valid certification card and photo ID.
  • Dive with a buddy.
  • Tow a surface float or flag.
  • Diving is open 8 am to 7pm.
  • Minimum age is 12. Divers 12-17 years of age must be accompanied by a certified dive instructor or a certified parent or legal guardian during the entire length of the dive.
  • Drivers License and car keys are held until checkout.
The following fee apply:
Resident Parking: Free
Non-resident parking: $5.00
Resident Diving: $15.00
Non-resident Diving: $20.00

Hours of operation October and November
Monday through Thursday call for reservations 815-790-8840
Friday through Sunday 7am to sunset

If you're a diving professional and would like to use TORA for training please contact the City of Crystal Lake 815-459-2020.