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No one makes getting your certification easier than Sea Level Diving!

Scuba Lessons

Simply complete the following 3 step:

1. Academics: This is the knowledge development portion of the course. It consists of home study and short classroom sessions. To Start your home study now, click here!
2. Pool Training: In the comfort and convenience of our on-site, indoor pool, you'll learn the skills needed to scuba dive.   
3. Open Water Training Dives: you'll complete 4 open water dives demonstrating your mastery of the dive skills you learned in the pool. The dives can be done with us at Three Oaks Recreation Area, less than a mile from our store or while on your vacation through a worldwide referral program. 

That’s it, you now have a life-time Scuba Certification with one of the world's largest certification organization!

Not sure if you're ready for scuba lessons yet? Try our 1 hour Try Scuba Class!!

Minimum age for scuba is 10. Click here for classes for ages 10 and 11

Call now to sign up 815-479-0996 or use our web registration.

In House Classroom and Pool Training Details

Included with the in house classroom and pool fee:

  • Your choice of 2 different classroom and pool training schedules. Option 1. Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM, 1st half of day classroom, 2nd half day pool, each day, finishing in 1 weekend or  Option 2. Two Tuesday nights (classroom) and two Thursday nights (pool) from 6:30 PM to 10 PM, finishing in 4 weeknights.
  • Open Water Home Study materialswhich must be done before your class starts. The digital training materials can be accessed via a web browser, tablet or smart phone (use the MySSI app for tablets or phones). Along with the training materials you'll have access to a digital logbook, your digital certification cards, maps of dive site around the world and more.
  • Use of all scuba equipment.
  • Referral certification to take with you on vacation if needed.

Proper fitting snorkeling equipment will greatly increase your overall comfort and safety while scuba diving. Therefore, you are required to have your own mask, snorkel, fins and boots suitable for scuba. To ensure the best possible fit, our expertly trained staff will help you select your equipment. As a student you will receive our Equipment Satisfaction Guarantee and a $50.00 discount on the course fee when you purchase your mask, snorkel, fins and boots from Sea Level Diving.

In House class & pool
"In House" class & pool fee $344.00
Equipment purchase discount -$50.00
Total class & pool fee $294.00

Register for our in house class & pool training by calling or use our web registration. Don't forget to register for the Open Water Dives too.

Please click on our 
CALENDAR for dates. Private classroom and pool training available to fit any schedule.

Open Water Training Dive Details

Big News!! We now do our training dives at 3 Oaks Recreation Area, only minutes from the store. No more driving hours to the dive site!! No other dive shop makes it easier to get certified. Sea Level Diving has the classroom training, pool training and training dives all in one location. Just one more reason Sea Level Diving is the best choice for your scuba training!

You can complete your Open Water Dives on our trip to Bonaire November 14, 2020. Trip Details

Included in the training dives fee:

  • 4 open water training dives. 2 dives on Saturday and 2 dives on Sunday.Sea Level Diving scuba bus
  • Use of all scuba equipment.
  • Certification fees.

Fee for all 4 Open Water Dives: $149.00*

Addition Bonus: We'll transport you and your gear to and from the dive site in our SCUBA BUS!  

Please click on our CALENDAR for dates. Private Training dives available. 

Register for the Open Water Training Dives by calling or use our web registration.

*Fee is $199.00 if you are coming to us as a referral from another shop.

Would you like to try scuba before you sign up? Discover scuba is for you!

Commonly asked questions about scuba and our course.

Why Sea Level Diving is the best choice for you scuba lessons.