Rose Cammarata - IDC Staff Instructor

I was certified as an Open Water and Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver in 1988 but didn’t started diving professionally until 2009. I enjoy cold and warm water diving, salt and fresh water environments, reefs & wrecks, quarries and oceans, fish - big and small, and I really enjoy working with kids and families as well as continuing my diving education.

Professionally, I’ve earned my IDC Staff Instructor rating and am working towards my Master Instructor rating.  I can teach the following PADI’s Specialties: Deep, Drift, Dry Suit, Emergency Oxygen provider, Enriched Air, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Underwater Navigation, Self-Reliant Diver, Wreck.

In 2015 I earned PADI’s Elite 50 Instructor Award.
In 2018, I dove in the Maldives, Hawaii, and Italy and completed my Side Mount and Technical Side Mount certifications. 

In 2019, I hope to see you at Sea Level Diving during your Open Water, continuing education classes or out at Three Oaks for one of our fun dives!

Rose's Elite Instructor 2015 Award