Taylor DeStefano - IDC Staff Instructor

Although a Midwest girl through and through, Taylor has done the majority of her diving in the chilly waters of Southern California. Certified in 2009, she fell in love with weightlessness and endless adventures that come with the underwater world.

Having sufficiently caught the diving bug, she continued her PADI education and took advantage of every possible excuse to hop in the water. Diving professionally since 2011, Taylor has done roughly 400 cold water, low-visibility dives.

By far, her favorite part of being an instructor is the opportunity to help students step out of their comfort zones and watch them grow in ways they never thought possible --both in the water and out.

To anyone considering trying scuba diving, Taylor would say “Do it! Opportunities for travel, local excursions, and new ways to challenge yourself are endless through the dive industry… Not to mention the people tend to be a blast!”